Earl Grey - Passing Time09/10/2015 · Krod Records · KRD002


1. Passing Time
2. Headstrong
3. Backstabber
4. Haven
5. November
6. Paths
7. Bad Weeds
8. 41844

Recorded, mixed and remastered at Karma Recordings by Simon Yildirim
Artwork cover by Loïc Gauthey

Performed by:
Vocals: Malte Unnasch
Guitar: Tristan Bäumer
Guitar: Mortiz Mewes
Bass: Lukas Andrzejewski
Drums: Benedikt Ricken

Quitters - Move On To Honest Things01/05/2015 · Krod Records · KRD001


1. I Think (About this Things When I'm Drinking)
2. Runaway (feat Theo - Water Mane)
3. Dear Friend
4. Dead Lungs
5. Leave Your Bruises

Recorded At SoundLife, Montpellier, France.
Artwork Cover by Maxime Chuchana.

Performed by:
Guitar-Vocals: Jérémy Bousquet
Bass-Vocals: Jérémy Chuchana
Drums: David Chaussade