Krod Records "The Five Years" [Tape]
€7.90 - €10.00

  • Krod Records

Krod Records "The Five Years" [Tape]
€7.90 - €10.00

A Compilation of 9 artists with cover songs on a tape/cassette.
A Booklet of the story of Krod Records & its artists.
A Download Code to get the digital release.

1. Prey Drive "Cardboard"
2. Kill Her First "Don't Tell Anyone"
3. Unluckid "Siren Song"
4. Atlas For Home "Tiny Rascals"
5. Elm Tree Circle "The Party"
6. Bloodsport "Lov' Pyramids"
7. Livingston "Sunday Best"
8. The Deadnotes "Yes It Is"
9. Raincheck "Don't Tell Anyone"

IMPORTANT: All benefits (Streaming/Download, Bandcamp, or this tape) will go to SOLIDARITY NOT SILENCE.

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